Info and Frequently Asked Questions

History of JJGym
Jeri Habberstad (professional stuntwoman and circus artist) and Jack Kalvan (professional juggler/entertainer) dreamed of having their very own home training space. In January, 2007, after a year of construction, the gym was completed. Shortly thereafter, people began showing up on their doorstep looking for a place to train. An online system was set up allowing gym users to log in using a password to reserve training space.

How do I get a password?
The JJGym calendar is at
The first time you come, just check the schedule and come in when it looks like there is space available.
Fill out a waiver when you get here. On it is a space to specify your password to make future reservation. (Allow a couple of days before using it.)
Once you have a password, you can enter it in the upper right corner in the login box.

Reserving Space/Cancellations/Priority Reservations
Open practice
For purposes of general training, you can reserve gym space in 25% increments, depending on the amount of space you will need. Write in the notes section what you will be doing. Please be advised that your reservation does not always guarantee you a spot. Our schedule occasionally changes on short notice. On these occasions we do our best to notify you as soon as possible through Facebook Messenger and help you re-schedule if needed. Please add Jeri Habberstad-Kalvan on Facebook messenger so you can be sure to get gym updates. Check your messages as well as the online schedule before coming in to use the gym. Please always respect the schedule. If the gym is reserved at 100% capacity, find a different time to come in.

Please cancel your gym reservations asap if you are not going to be here. If this was a cancellation on short notice, please send Jeri a message letting her know you will not be coming in and consider making a donation.

Special/Priority Reservations
Want to teach a class or private lesson? Hold an event? Have a large group rehearsal? Do a photo shoot? Reserve 100% of the gym for an important private rehearsal or film shoot? Have added assurance that we will hold your spot for an important practice session? In all of these cases where you need priority treatment on the calendar you must contact Jeri by phone (661-713-3141) or messenger (Jeri Habberstad-Kalvan) to discuss rates and availability.

Aerial Reservations
If you will be using our rigging points for suspending aerial apparatus, there are 6 points to choose from, one on each of the 4 corners and 2 center points. The center points are the highest and and are rigged close to the corner points. If you require a center point please specify that in the notes and consider reserving 50%, increasing your donation accordingly. Alternatively, reserve 25% and prepare for the possibility that you will need to take turns with a nearby aerialist. Basic rule of thumb, Be considerate of everybody's training needs.

Hours of Operation
7 AM to midnight. If you wish to use the gym after hours please contact Jeri.

How much does it cost? How do I pay?
Open practice
Payment is by donation. We suggest $5 per person per hour. There is a donation jar in the gym for cash and check payments. Make checks payable to Jack Kalvan. We also accept Venmo @jerihabberstad, Chase Quick Pay or the Donate Button on the jjGym Calendar page. If you are short on cash (or just want to be helpful) there are other ways to express your appreciation: vacuuming, bathroom cleaning, window washing, etc.

Special Reservations
Rates vary. Please call Jeri. 661-713-3141

For first time visitors:
JJGym is attached to the back of our home on a normal neighborhood street and is somewhat hidden from the front. Go around the left side of the house to the back.
PARKING: Street parking is usually easy. Be careful not to block any driveways or walkways or you may be towed.
Guest Book: We like to have all visitors sign our guest book every time you visit.

Do you have aerial apparatus or do I need to bring my own?
There are usually a few silks here to use but we prefer you bring your own apparatus, including carabiners, etc.
We have 6 hanging points with swivels, that can be lowered with pulleys, so they're easy to attach to and raise to your desired height.
There are also exposed trusses and an extension ladder if you'd like to climb up and rig something different.
Please DO NOT use the trampoline or other circus equipment without prior permission from Jack or Jeri.

Do you have classes?
Yes! To join one of the classes on the schedule, please contact the instructor (info should be on the calendar).
If you would like to teach a class, we can arrange that too. Please contact Jeri.

Jeri Kalvan -, 661-713-3141
Jack Kalvan -, 310-489-1849

Customized Circus Apparatus Fabricator and Expert Rigger
Brett Copes, 818-422-2300

Kids Stunt and Circus Camps and Children's Gymnastics Classes
Jeri Kalvan,, 661-713-3141

Rhythmic and Traditional Gymnastics, Trampoline, and Contortion Training
Ben Ellis, 904-713-7358

Freerunning Classes and Privates
Nic Walton, 530-520-1396

Aerial Circus Instruction
Sarah Romanowsky,
Jena Carpenter, 818-653-5629 (also teaches contortion and hand balancing)
Kerry Wee, 818-255-8699
Focus Fish Homeschool and Kids Classes; Kristy 323-691-5747,

Personal Training, Capoeira Instruction
Danilo Lambo, 407-701-3721

Adult Acrobatics Meet Up: See Facebook Group JJGym Acro Meet Up

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